Decide our name

CIB is consulting on changing its name

Cardiff Institute for the Blind has been working across South Wales for many years. Over this time we have used a couple of different names when delivering services outside of Cardiff as we weren’t sure people would engage with a charity that just had Cardiff in the name.

Lately we have been using the RNIB name in some areas as we are an associate charity of RNIB and work very closely with them to ensure people get a wide range of support. This has understandably caused confusion and created difficulties with things such as data protection and fundraising.

More and more people we speak to are initially saying they don’t want our support or don’t feel eligible for our support because they have some level of sight and don’t consider themselves to be blind. We sometimes have to work hard to assure those who are partially sighted that we can make a difference to their life.  For information, it is thought around 93% of people registered as sight impaired or severely sight impaired have some level of sight.

People are also put off by the ‘Institute’ part of our name, thinking that we employ blind and partially sighted people to make things like wicker baskets or that we provide residential care for blind and partially sighted people.

So we have decided to consult on changing our name to one that:

  • Communicates that we work across South Wales
  • Is more relevant to what we do
  • Allows us to work with more people

We can assure you that the cost of changing our name if we do will be small and we believe any additional cost will be more than made up by the additional income we believe a name change will bring. Our current name and the fact we have to use two names makes it difficult when applying for funding and encouraging people to donate and fundraise for us.

We know that changing our name is a big decision and we will only change it if we are sure it is the right thing to do for the people we want to make a difference for. We exist to support blind and partially sighted people enjoy independent and fulfilled lives, so your views are essential

With that in mind, we want your help in deciding whether to change our name and what name might give us the greatest impact in delivering our future work.

You can give us your thoughts by telephone on 029 2039 8900, by asking for a large print version of a questionnaire or by completing an online questionnaire. Please click the link below to access the online questionnaire in English or Welsh.